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Feb. 26th, 2010

Writer's Block: Compare and contrast

What ten words would you use to describe yourself? If your friends were asked to describe you, how closely would all the lists match up?

sweet but shy until i get to know someone. :)

Writer's Block: Money to burn

If you were given two weeks off with an unlimited supply of money that was only good for those two weeks (anything you purchased, invested, or saved would disappear when the two weeks were up), what would you do?

First I would go with all my family on a week long cruise to the carribean...then on to rome and athens. Id see everything i could there in the time i had.

Writer's Block: It's me, not you

Have you ever broken off a relationship with a friend because it was unhealthy for your self-esteem? Were you proud of your decision or did you regret it?

yes. my old best friend has (at least all signs point to) narcissistic personality disorder and i just couldnt deal anymore. she couldnt or wouldnt change.

Dec. 29th, 2009

Writer's Block: Like mobile for chocolate

If you had to give up either chocolate or your mobile phone forever, which would you sacrifice?

i once gave up chocolate forfive moths, and i never missed it. lol

Writer's Block: That's a wrap!

Do you have any holiday traditions that extend all the way back to childhood? How about family recipes? What are they?

ever year my dad, my sister and i always watched a few christmas movies....wed watch out for weeks for them to come on...especially a charlie brown christmas. wed have hot chocolate on christmas eve and when we opened gifts the next morning wedlisten to christmas music. the 27th was his birthday, so wed give him his gifts and lori and carter an nick an us would sing the WORST birthday song to him you ever heard. lol
RIP DADDY!!!!!!!!

Writer's Block: All work and no play ...

When it gets unusually cold, snowy, and/or rainy, do you prefer to remain indoors? If there's a long stretch of bad weather, do you tend to get depressed and/or stir crazy? If so, how do you cope?

i love it when it snows a good bit so i can go in the house and situnder a little blanket and read. i like having to stay in, especially if the power is out for just a little while; longenough for us to get to light the house with candles but not so long were really cold lol

Writer's Block: Bottoms up!

How do you usually spend New Years Eve? Do you like big parties, small celebrations with friends, or do you prefer to hang out by yourself? Is New Years a time of reflection for you?

i know it sounds starnge, but i like to spend new years alone.....that way i can really give some thought to what i did that year an what i wanna do different. crowds of people on new years just sort of annoy me.

Nov. 11th, 2009

Writer's Block: Here's looking at you

What is your all-time favorite, romantic movie scene? What about it speaks to you?

For some reason theres this scene i love from gon with the wind.....ashley s laving to go back to war, and scarlet breaks down and tells ashely she loves him and begs him to say itback. she says if he says he loves her shell live on it the rest of her life. well he just leaves, but you can tell he wants to say it back....idk wy i love this scene except that its so passionate on scarlets part...and then she later realizes she never lovedthe REAL ashley. she loved the person she had built him up to be.

Writer's Block: Mysterious benefactor

If you could give a secret gift of any value to one anonymous recipient, who would you choose and what would you give them?

i would give an envelope of money annonymously to my aunt....she really deserves the financial freedom that would give her.

Writer's Block: Opposites attract (sometimes)

In general, do you find yourself more attracted to people with similar or different interests, life experiences, political beliefs, and religious backgrounds? Do you think having some common interests/goals is essential for a successful relationship?

well i dont care about politics, but the religious beliefs need to be at least somewhat similar.....and general interests are important. i like to dae people who like a lot of the sae stuff as i do....music, movies, tv shows, hobbies.....it sounds petty i guess, but those are the ones that will impact your relationship most on a day to day basis.

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